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USA: Explosion of a battery ... An 17 teenager injured in the mouth and jaw

USA: Explosion of a battery ... An 17 teenager injured in the mouth and jaw

More than real catastrophes, the incidents related to the batteries used in the e-cigarettes became over time facts. A few months ago, Austin, a teenager aged 17 years was seriously injured in the mouth and jaw following the explosion of a battery in his e-cigarette "VGOD". A case that once again calls into question the "safety" of vaping devices.

Reconstructed CT scan showing injuries sustained by young Austin after a battery explosion. Credit : Primary Children's Hospital.


Few months ago, Kailani Burton bought a vaping kit for Austin, his aged teenage son 17 years in the hope that he uses it to stop smoking. In March, she and her husband were sitting in the living room when they heard a loud explosion.

His son Austin came running, holding his bloody jaw, the battery of his e-cigarette had just exploded during use. " He was really bleeding", Said Ms. Burton in an interview. " It looked like a hole in the chin. »

The Burton family rushed to Ely hospital in Nevada but quickly realized that they needed treatment at a trauma center, so they made a long trip to Salt Lake City, and arrived at 1h30 in the morning.

"Jwas so worried at the wheel. I almost hit a wild horse on the road Said Ms. Burton.

Le Dr. Katie W. Russell, pediatric surgeon at the University of Utah, and the Dr. Micah Katz, a member of the team who treated Austin, submitted the case, which was released Wednesday, to New England Journal of Medicine. to warn the public about the dangers of e-cigarettes.

« I did not know that these e-cigarettes could explode and cause serious injuries Said Dr. Russell, director of the Trauma Center at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

"This technology has hit the market hard and people are not aware," she added. " But the fact is that they can burn. they can explode in a pocket. They can explode in the face. I think there is a real health problem. »

According to Dr. Russell's statement, Austin told him he saw a big flash and felt terrible pain in his lower jaw. He had a major fracture of the lower jaw and had lost several teeth.


In 2018, scientists have even identified 2.035 explosions of electronic cigarettes in the United States between 2015 and 2017, " more than 40 times the number of injuries declared by the FDA from 2009 to 2015 and 15 times the number of injuries reported by 2009's US Fire Administration to 2016". Figures to balance with the number of vapers in the United States, 8 million adults and 3,6 million minors according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC).

As for 99% of battery explosions, it is not the e-cigarette that is responsible but the user, The e-cigarette often has no place on the bench accused in most cases of explosions, it will never be repeated enough, with the accusers certain safety rules must be respected for safe use :

- Do not use a mechanical mod if you do not have the necessary knowledge. These are not used with any battery.

- Never put one or more batteries in your pockets (presence of keys, parts that can short circuit)

- Always store or transport your batteries in boxes keeping them separate from each other

If you have a doubt, or if you are not familiar with it, consider inquiring before buying, using or storing batteries. here is a complete tutorial dedicated to Li-Ion batteries which will help you to see more clearly.

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