UNITED STATES: For Stanton Glantz, Big Tobacco is currently taking control of the vape.

UNITED STATES: For Stanton Glantz, Big Tobacco is currently taking control of the vape.

Is the vaping industry the new tobacco industry? This statement comes from Prof. Stanton Arnold Glantz, tobacco control activist in a recent interview. According to him, Big Vape would not hesitate to use marketing methods similar to those of Big Tobacco.

Stanton Arnold Glantz is a leading tobacco control professor, author and activist in the United States


We expected no less from Pr Stanton Glantz known to be anti-smoking but also anti-vaping. To him things seem clear, uUsing similar marketing tactics, the vape industry is the new tobacco industry.

« The FDA has cracked down on a few e-cigarette companies that have behaved very irresponsibly, but multinational tobacco companies are taking control of e-cigarette business "Says Dr. Stanton Glantz, a world renowned expert since the 1970s.

Among other things, Professor Glantz is conducting research on the effects of vaping on health. In 1994, approximately 4 pages of internal tobacco industry documents were sent to his office. Two years later, " The Cigarette Papers Is published. In this book, publisher Glantz and his collaborators revealed in a collection “shocking»Of industrial documents«secretsProving that Big Tobacco had known for decades that cigarettes were deadly and addictive.

For anti-tobacco activists, advertising for vaping attracts young smokers, by the time they understand that e-cigarettes are a gateway to cigarettes, it is too late.

« After cigarette manufacturers entered the vaping market, debates over e-cigarette policy increasingly resembled debates comparable to tobacco control from the 1970s to the 1990s. Says Glantz.

 » The tobacco market has called on major lobbyists and law firms. And big tobacco companies [like Philip Morris] have created and funded tobacco organizations. defending the rights of smokers. "These groups were created to resemble a" popular opposition »To laws restricting smoking in public places. Altria, Marlboro cigarette maker is the largest tobacco company in the United States. It holds 35% of the shares of Juul, a company specializing in vaping products that was worth over $ 38 billion in March 2019. Its price has now fallen to $ 24 billion after Altria's investment.

The tobacco industry and the vape industry rely heavily on lobbyists. Juul et Altria have made contributions to the anti-tax group of Grover norquist and in 2018, Juul has spent more than $ 1,6 million on lobbying.

Here's another similar marketing tactic: For years, the tobacco industry has been criticized for selling cigarettes to African American communities. Juul also announced a partnership with the Black Mental Health Alliance. The vape company said its $ 35 donation to the Black Caucus Foundation involved purchasing a table at an event.



« The e-cigarettes have mainly been imported from China. In 2007 the FDA seized them and declared them to be unapproved medical devices that deliver nicotine, a product that does not have FDA approval. Says Glantz. 

« The affected company sued the FDA, claiming it was tobacco products, not a drug. A conservative judge agreed, saying the FDA should regulate them as tobacco products. »

Prof. Stanton Glantz does not stop here: “ For seven years, e-cigarettes were on the market without any regulation. However, it is illegal by law to sell a tobacco product without a marketing prescription from the FDA. Under pressure from a federal court, the FDA in June 2019 released vaping industry recommendations for filing pre-market tobacco applications (PMTAs). »

Several senators also urged the FDA to act swiftly and decisively to remove all tobacco products from the market that do not meet the May 12 deadline, including products that do not submit a PMTA.

« When you look at the evolution of the vaping market, including the proliferation of products that use nicotine salts, JUUL-like products, and disposable flavored products, it is virtually certain that many products have entered illegally. The FDA will not have met its responsibility to protect public health if the deadline is applied in the same way as the rule of presumption ", According to the Democratic American senator Dick Durbin (D-IL).

« To date, the deadline for submitting tobacco applications before marketing vaping products has been extended until September. Says Glantz.

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