USA: Mike Bloomberg hires 160 Million dollars to fight against vaping!

USA: Mike Bloomberg hires 160 Million dollars to fight against vaping!

This is still bad news for the vaping that is coming! The famous American businessman and politician, former Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg just spent the tidy sum of 160 million to "fight against vaping" and prevent children from using the e-cigarette ... A news that sounds good echoes the recent case of "lung diseases" in the United States.


According to Mike Bloomberg things are clear, fighting against vaping is the same as fighting against smoking. While 33 states are investigating about 450 cases of lung disease that may be associated with "vaping," billionaire former mayor of New York and Bloomberg founder, Michael Bloomberg, has pledged 160 million dollars to fight the vape.

Bloomberg has long been a champion of anti-smoking campaigns and has spent millions of dollars getting people out of smoking. He is now focusing on vaping, the new " scourge of teenagers all over the world". What Bloomberg is hoping to achieve is nothing more than the ban on flavored electronic cigarettes and the total stop of the marketing of vaping products to minors.

« We can not allow tobacco companies to reverse this progress - Mike Bloomberg

Companies such as Juul, which Bloomberg has named, are already taking steps to limit the use of vaping products by minors, according to their own statements. However, these recent efforts by Juul to change its marketing strategy may be too limited, too late. According to Bloomberg Philanthropies, about 3,6 million American high school and college students are running out of steam, accounting for one-third of e-cigarette users.

The Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative is launched as federal health and consumer protection agencies take a closer look at products. In early September, the CDC urged people to stop using vaping products as part of a survey of a series of lung diseases among e-cigarette users across the country.

«The federal government has a responsibility to protect children from harm, but that has failed. The rest of us are taking action. I can not wait to team up with defenders the interests of cities and states in the country for legislation protecting the health of our children. The decline in youth smoking is one of the health-care success stories of the century, and we can not allow tobacco companies to reverse this progress. ", said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and WHO Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases, in a statement.

With this commitment of 160 millions of dollars, Bloomberg Philanthropies and its partners will seek to achieve five main objectives: the withdrawal of aromatized e-cigarettes from the market; ensure that vaping products are reviewed by the FDA before they are placed on the market; prevent companies from marketing their products to children; discontinue online sales until a satisfactory method of age verification can be developed; and monitor the use of the e-cigarette in minors.

«It is important to better understand the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on the health of young people. CDC Foundation focuses on collecting and evaluating data to better inform effective policies", said Judith Monroe, MD, Executive Director. from the CDC Foundation. "We appreciate the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies and its partners who helped fight this epidemic to protect our youth.»

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