UNITED STATES: Scott Gottlieb, FDA resignation and vape critic joins Pfizer!

UNITED STATES: Scott Gottlieb, FDA resignation and vape critic joins Pfizer!

There you go ! A surprise often hides another! It was amazing to see Scott Gottlieb leaving his position as chief of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) but finally and not really as part of his apology for family reunification, the surprise has just been unveiled. Former FDA leader seems to have opened Pandora's box by joining the board of directors of the pharmaceutical group Pfizer Inc.

Scott Gottlieb, former FDA official


With a little suspense but no real surprise, the former leader of the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, has just joined the board of directors of the pharmaceutical group Pfizer Inc. 47 years old, it was celebrated by pharmaceutical companies for moving quickly hoisted to the top of the FDA in order to put new treatments on the market. A medical doctor, he served as FDA commissioner from May 2017 to April 2019, thus ending his so-called term for "reasons of distance" with his family.

« Through his work as a physician and the FDA, Scott has demonstrated a constant understanding of patient needs and the rapidly evolving dynamics of biopharmaceutical research and development." , said Albert Bourla, Managing Director of Pfizer.

Scott Gottlieb was a key player in the Trump administration's efforts to reduce pharmaceutical costs. These efforts were aimed at approving hundreds of new generic drugs. The Trump administration has criticized Pfizer, as well as many other major drug companies, about certain price increases.

In a message to Bloomberg, Scott Gottlieb said he had joined the board of Pfizer, based in New York, because he is " particularly well placed to continue to play an important role in promoting global public health, and I am honored to help shape that future".

A former chief of the FDA who has often been against the e-cigarette and who is now connected to the pharmaceutical industry ... Can we then talk about a conflict of interest?


By joining Pfizer Inc, Scott Gottlieb seems to have opened Pandora's box. As proof, his appointment to the board of directors of the pharmaceutical group was quick to react.

The American senator Elizabeth Warren urged former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to resign immediately from Pfizer Inc. (PFE.N), three months after leaving the health regulatory body.

In a letter to Gottlieb, the senator who asks for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election said: " This kind of influence peddling at the revolving door is synonymous with corruption ».

Scott Gottlieb, who has gained support from both political parties for his efforts to reduce the use of youth-flavored electronic cigarettes, left the FDA in April, a role he had held since May 2017. He was appointed to Pfizer's board of directors last Thursday and has been added to the regulatory and compliance committees of the board of directors and the science and technology committees.

Elizabeth Warren added that such initiatives could make Americans cynical and suspicious about whether senior officials in President Donald Trump's administration are working for the people or for future employers.

Gottlieb said in a tweet on Tuesday that he had a fruitful relationship with Warren when he was at the FDA and would respond to his letter privately. Case to follow ...

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