UNITED STATES: Demonstration in Pennsylvania to denounce 40 tax on e-cigarette

UNITED STATES: Demonstration in Pennsylvania to denounce 40 tax on e-cigarette

In the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, a crowd made up of owners of vape shops gathered in the capitol. The event was intended to put pressure on lawmakers regarding the 40 tax reform on the vape that is now forcing companies to shut down.

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On Monday, the event organized by the Pennsylvania Vape Association attracted many advocates for tobacco harm reduction. All those who successfully quit smoking with the personal vaporizer and a number of store owners representing the financial interests of the vape industry were present. Since the state of Pennsylvania imposed a tax of 40% on e-cigarettes it's close to a hundred vape shops that have closed, and unfortunately it's not over because many others fear a closing soon.

Protestant group gathered in Capitol building and implored legislators to pass a bill in order to reduce this 40% tax on vape products to a tax of 5 cts per milliliter on e-liquids. If Senator Bartolotta and MP Jeff Wheeland introduced the bill at the end of 2016's legislative sessions, support was never realized and legislators never voted.

« However, they had the opportunity to implement the project last year but they preferred to sweep it under the rug and it bothers me" , said Tony Myers, owner of About It All and About It All Vapors ,.

If Tony Myers' stores are still afloat, the tax that took effect on October 1er, still had an impact on his business. Before, he focused on hiring someone in trouble, but he could only keep one person because of the financial impact of the tax.

« There was nothing better than that to give a purpose to these people"Said Myers. " And nothing was harder than telling these six people that they could not help anymore. »

Many of them were former smokers who managed to quit smoking with the e-cigarette. The protesters want to draw attention to the devastation the tax is making on their industry. Business owners continue to be bankrupt and many are now unemployed.

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John Dietz, vice president of the Pennsylvania Vape Association, said the group also intended to ask state legislators to push for e-cigarettes to be no longer treated as tobacco products.

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