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USA: FDA pushes regulation of 4 e-cigarettes.

USA: FDA pushes regulation of 4 e-cigarettes.

Yesterday in the United States, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made several important announcements concerning the regulation of tobacco but especially that of vaping. Indeed, it will have been necessary to wait until this month of July to have “the good news” of the year: The FDA postpones the entry into force of the regulations on electronic cigarettes until 2022.


This is probably news that the American vape industry was no longer waiting for! Everyone held their breath and finally the FDA announced that it was delaying the entry into force of regulations on cigars and electronic cigarettes for several years. The obligation for electronic cigarette manufacturers to obtain the green light from the FDA before marketing their products is also being pushed back.

While manufacturers of cigars, tobacco pipes and hookahs will have to comply with the new rules by 2021, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes will have an additional year.

The administrator of the FDA, the doctor Scott Gottlieb, said the measures unveiled Friday are part of a larger plan to discourage the American population from smoking conventional cigarettes, and instead opting for less harmful products, such as electronic cigarettes.

According to Clive Bates this decision made by the FDA will allow :
- Make the declaration procedure more clear, efficient and transparent,
- To develop standards in full transparency in order to protect the population from health risks,
- To set up a real debate concerning the flavors contained in e-liquids (and to see which ones would be likely to attract children)


For the president of " Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids ", Matthew Myers, the FDA announcement" represents a bold and comprehensive approach with the potential to accelerate progress to reduce smoking and death ».

The leader of this very influential NGO in the fight against tobacco among young people in the United States, however, expresses some reservations. He particularly fears that the postponement of regulations on cigars and vaping products could allow “ products aimed at seducing young people such as fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes to stay on the market with little oversight by health authorities ».

The FDA says it intends to examine the possibility of regulating these flavors, which are also used in some cigars, and that it is even considering banning menthol in all products containing tobacco.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also announced on Friday that it intends to decrease the level of legal nicotine in cigarettes to prevent addiction to smokers. Yet until now, anti-smoking measures have been limited to warnings about the dangers of smoking on cigarette packs, tobacco taxes and deterrence campaigns aimed primarily at young people.

To Scott Gottlieb « The vast majority of tobacco-related deaths and illnesses result from addiction to cigarettes, the only legal consumer product that kills half of all long-smokers. »

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