VAPE IN PROGRESS: A fight for the e-cigarette not to be a tobacco product!

VAPE IN PROGRESS: A fight for the e-cigarette not to be a tobacco product!

In a few days will be held the first edition of the Open Forum " Vape In Progress " in Bordeaux. This exceptional event will have the heavy task of putting the e-cigarette sector in the spotlight. With a market that would amount to 1 billion euros of turnover in France and which should continue to grow in the coming years, it is urgent to highlight the various challenges ahead of the e-cigarette.


14.000 jobs in France, direct and indirect, 3 million vapers, 2.500 specialty shops and 200 e-commerce sites: according to the Fivape, the e-cigarette market is experiencing strong growth and the progression could well increase in the next few years. France would be the second largest market in the world, behind the United States.

according to Charly Pairaud, instigator of the project Vape in progress »:« The first French companies were born five to ten years ago. The vape market exploded in 2012-2013, in the country in crisis, the sector is a new economic opportunity. In 2015, the number of actors, too high, has been regulated. The market has also slowed down because of a negative campaign. But in 2016, he went up again. 25% growth last year, as expected this year ".

But Charly Pairaud prefers to be clear and wants to take his distance with the tobacco industry especially as it ensures that the electronic cigarette is a real alternative to smoking:

« On the pretext that we do business, people consider us tobacco companies butWe do not offer tobacco products! Of the three million regular vapers, one million has stopped smoking altogether, one million has halved its cigarette consumption and one million starts, stops, starts again, is not too sure.«

We often talk about health risks or doubts about the composition of e-liquid yet Charly Pairaud ensures, there is nothing harmful in the spray products:

» Propylene glycol has the same properties as water, ensures Charly Pairaud, it's what moistens the bread, it's what makes the show smoke, we put in everything, even in paint. It is a neutral product treated by our digestive system, we can consume much more than what is consumed with the e-cigarette. As for nicotine, it's like caffeine, we also know how to receive the molecule. For patches or chewing gum, we did not type the fact that there is nicotine. Nicotine addicts, who lie to the brain about the feeling of satiety, are banned for the e-cigarette. »

There is still work to be done on the French government's investment on a subject so important as the electronic cigarette.

« In England, there are advertising campaigns to encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. In France, it is said softly that it is 'much less dangerous'. France is the second largest smoker country behind Albania and Greece. There is a Faustian pact between the state and tobacco, it's cynical: more people smoke, less there are pensions to pay. They do not want to shake tobacco addiction too fast and see the e-cigarette speed up this process. In 20 years of prevention, we only went from 34 to 33% prevalence. Says the instigator of the Vape In Progress".


The Fivape organizes in partnership with Afnor standardization, Monday 28 May, an open forum, " Vape in Progress In the premises of Inseec in Bordeaux, Hangar 18, from 9h30 to 17h15. For any information or registration, go to Official website of the event ! Know that if you can not come there, conferences will be broadcast live on Facebook Live.

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