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VAPE IN PROGRESS: Interview with Charly Pairaud to find out more!

VAPE IN PROGRESS: Interview with Charly Pairaud to find out more!

A few days ago, the Fivape (Interprofessional Federation of the vape) announced the organization of a Open Forum « Vape In Progress »To be held on May 28th à Bordeaux  around economic themes on the trades (direct and indirect) of the electronic cigarette. As a partner of the event, the editorial staff of wanted to know more! For this we have met Charly Pairaud, Vice President of Fivape for an exceptional interview. 

“A TECHNICO-ECONOMIC PRESENTATION OF ALL THE ACTORS OF FRENCH VAPE! " : Hello Charly, you are a man who wears many hats, including that of Fivape, how is the open forum "Vape In Progress" complementary to your actions within this federation ?

Charly Pairaud : Our experiences in our societies as well as in the federation have revealed to us an almost systematic observation:

At each professional or institutional meeting, and in view of the disinformation of the last five years, we were obliged to reposition the major interests of the electronic cigarette, to explain the know-how of the French sector, in a word, to restore the image of this breakthrough innovation that can save lives, before any type of formal or informal exchange. Without this prior intervention, our interlocutors did not really listen to us, or even looked at us askance. Once our vision is presented, economic and strategic interests become much more coherent.

Then came the idea of ​​making a technical-economic presentation of all the players in French vaping. This would highlight all the expertise and all the businesses that have been built up over almost 10 years, while recalling the strong relationship we have with our customers and all our partners. I think this is one of the essential roles of the federation.

"I think that too many professionals do not understand what has been the strategic role of Fivape since its creation"

"Vape in progress" in pitch mode (presentation in less than 30 seconds) according to its creator. ?

Vape in progress is:

- Come back to recent years and all the battles that have been carried out to preserve the most independent vape possible,
- Know the daily life of all these actors in relation with consumers, but also the professionals who have adapted to help the sector,
- Make the correlation between public health, economic development and jobs, vocational training, and many other supports necessary for our activity which has generated more than 10 jobs in recent years,
- Imagine the future of vaping and its prospects.

And to question us, I thought of the students of Sciences-Po Bordeaux (Via the Junior Enterprise “APRI Influences”) and of the INSEEC Business School which has also done well. wanted to host the event. A big thank you to them!

"It pisses me off to see that the tobacco industry is putting itself forward in this way"

What do you think are the three major issues facing the vape industry? ?

There are several types of issues concerning the vape industry:

- Business issues: Towards what prospects for Eco France and International (Volumes, Turnover, Customers, Business types (Shop, E-Shop, Manufacturers, etc.)?
- Legislative issues: Towards which legal framework are we moving in France and in Europe?
- Human issues and Training: What are the needs that we expect for the coming years?

I also think I can add the Stakes on the positioning of vapers in public health

The event is creating a buzz in the vaping ecosystem, but do you already have feedback beyond? ?

Indeed, I was surprised to see the interest that my colleagues showed in this conference day. They helped me financially to organize this event because they instantly understood that we could use the economic chapter to leverage the understanding of our industry. I was very touched when I received applause after my presentation of the open-forum to the General Assembly of the federation.

Regarding the office of Fivape (which has been reorganized and structured a lot in recent months) the support was total, they trusted me. Today, I am proud to highlight the quality and efficiency of all the work they have done in recent years. Moreover, I think that too many professionals do not understand what a has been the strategic role of Fivape since its creation. But I thank all those who join us because they are more numerous since early 2018!

"An annual" Vape In Progress "meeting could be wise"

Would an editorial staff like "Le monde du tabac" (tobacconists, cigarette manufacturers) be welcome at the open forum? ?

We are in a free country and I obviously consider that the press, whatever its specialization, must come to understand what is happening in this sector of vaping. This week again, I read in the press truncated information repeating word for word the economic elements of one of the major tobacco players. It pisses me off to see that this industry is putting itself forward in this way, while in France it does not really represent a large market.

Regarding tobacconists, I fully understand that they can distribute vaping products, and therefore, a specialized tobacco press interested in our dynamic is perfectly legitimate. It is time for them to understand, however, that independence remains and that today, it is this which drives the sales market in France for the moment.

If in the United States there is the Coca-Cola / Pepsi model, in France the vape is closer to the dynamics of the winemakers and their diversity.

If this event is successful as predicted, will you organize another session, and if so when? ?

Why not, I'm not thinking about it yet. An annual meeting could be wise, but I absolutely want business or strategy schools to take an interest in it and set the pace, I also see an interest in it for future employees.

"We cannot imagine all the talents that have emerged in this economic adventure"

What is your vision of the vape in two years ?

 At Fivape we are constantly trying to see things clearly, but we lack the means to make precise socio-economic analyzes of the prospects. I think Vape In Progress is the starting point for this awareness.

Equipment will continue to develop (as for smartphones) and e-liquids will have to prove their harmlessness in the long term (security, analyzes, regulations, etc.). As for DIY (“Do It Yourself”), measures to secure practices seem necessary.

All this without forgetting that it is a “consum'actor” product. One of the many questions that always arise is for example "What is the place of the vapoteur in French society? "And I remind you that if we have converted the" vapo-curious ", we still have the" vapo-skeptics ". The real stake is here, in fine.

What future for tobacco in France according to you ?

This point was not foreseen in our (first) open-forum. What I know is that today in France, a tobacco grows that will no longer kill.
Indeed (I am using my VDLV cap just for this example) it so happens that at this very moment, I present the prospects of vaping to the farmers of the Dordogne who have chosen to grow vaping tobacco for the production of nicotine. liquid or flavored, for me the future of tobacco is here, in particular.

Before thanking you for your time, a message to convey ?

You are typically an example of the related professions in our sector, just like your colleagues in the specialized press. But you are not the only ones, many other skills are constantly being added to the vape. We cannot imagine all the talents that have revealed themselves in this economic adventure and what is more, in the service of a noble cause: Saving lives among smokers!

My greatest wish: That the actors of economic development (political or private) join us on May 28 in Bordeaux, but also banks, insurance companies, human relations and training professionals, commercial service companies, industries and laboratories, logistics, etc.

To conclude I would say: La Vape, what an opportunity for our country which remains the country of flavors and perfumes and sadly smokers!

A big thank you to Charly for taking the time to answer our questions. To know everything about the Open Forum « Vape In Progress »From Bordeaux, go on the official website.


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