VAPE IN PROGRESS: What assessment for this first forum on the economy of the industry vape?

VAPE IN PROGRESS: What assessment for this first forum on the economy of the industry vape?

A few days ago was held at the Inseec de Bordeaux the very first edition of the Open Forum « Vape In Progress Organized by the Fivape (Interprofessional Federation of the Vape). As you can see, the editorial staff of was obviously on hand to cover the event. After having dropped the excitement of this Open Forum we propose today to take stock.


Just like the other partners of this open forum « Vape In Progress", The writing of was invited to the inauguration party. On site speakers (including Dr. Dautzenberg), industry professionals but no journalists (except our team obviously). This inauguration took place on the terrace of the Inseec de Bordeaux, a place conducive to relaxation facing the banks of the Garonne.

After a small friendly and friendly aperitif, several speakers took turns to launch this first edition of " Vape In Progress", This famous" T zero "which generally designates a first experience. It is Charly Pairaud, organizer and board member of the Fivape who launches the debates:

« At the Fivape we wanted in the framework of our missions to add a complementary arm by including the partners who follow us on a daily basis. We regret that the journalists were not interested in the project, we might have had to blow up a battery and they would have come. Tomorrow we are still at the 3 / 4 full and it is rather satisfactory for a first whose objective is to create a special attention on the economy that the vape generates in France »

It will be followed by Jean Moiroud, president of Fivape and by Claude Bamberger, President of AIDUCE (Independent Association of Electronic Cigarette Users).


The Monday 28 May, it is the day "J" and the drafting of arrives at the Inseec de Bordeaux for this first edition of " Vape In Progress". After recovering our badges of access we are invited to take a coffee, it is also the opportunity to meet the various actors of the day and to gauge a little the public present for the event. If this open forum is not a living room of the vape, we realize nevertheless that it is important for professionals who have moved!

If the journalists were not at the rendezvous largely because of the strike SNCF, a large panel of auditor moved to learn more about this vape industry. There were e-liquid manufacturers, shop owners, outside people involved in health care, but also the tobacco industry (with Imperial Tobacco or British American Tobacco).

The conferences and debates will take place in an amphitheater of Inseec perfectly adapted to the event. Notepad, pens, microphones and overhead projector, everything is ready for this " Vape In Progress "Happens in the best possible conditions. The room is busy and it is high time to start the debate to advance the vape industry.


This first edition of Vape In Progress opened with a speech by Mr. Laurent Bergeruc, Director of INSEEC Bordeaux who kindly agreed to host this event. This continued with the release of the short version of the documentary " Beyond The Cloud " realized by Ghyslain Armand and produced by Patrick Bédué.

During his speech, Ghyslain Armand declared " Getting to explain the problem of the vape in 1h is complicated. »Clarifying the interest of the project:« summarize the information that is conveyed during the Vapexpo ».

The vape in France: the affirmation of a know-how.

The first conference of the day was an opportunity to show how the protagonists of the vape market have structured themselves to bring this innovation into the complex and traditional framework of institutions and improve the security of devices.

We will remember several interventions :

Jean Moiroud (Fuu / Fivape) " The goal is to get out of a deadly addiction. »
Jean Moiroud (Fuu / Fivape) " We are on a product that federates, and with this DNA we can not dream better. »
Norbert Neuvy (Dlice) " We can not let Big Tobacco do its propaganda to win the vape market »
Nicolas Birouste (AFNOR) " We are in the T0 because we will have to produce but also stay in a mastery »
Jean Moiroud (Fuu / Fivape) " How can vaping professionals differentiate us from the tobacco industry? »
Sebastien Rempp (Sonrisa / Yes Store) " Our job is to stop people from smoking »
Jean Moiroud (Fuu / Fivape) " Trust and profession to symbolize in two words the ecosystem of the vape »

The entire conference is available in an episode "Hors-series" of Podvape.

Pros and consom'actors: which ecosystem ?

14h00 started the second conference of the day. Few resources and a few years were enough to bring experts, business, jobs, new markets to commercial service companies, industrial, logistics, and many others. The interest of this conference was to learn more about the functioning of this ecosystem.

We will remember several interventions :

Dominique CHABOT (Co-Founder of CDA) " The activity of the e-liquid has changed the game in our society »
Christophe Carvounas (Founding CEO of Vapelier OLF) " We are Moroccan and therefore not subject to the PDT. We can advertise for our clients »
Fabien Brassie (Gerant Cigusto Pessac) " The passage from smoker to vaper is a path that can be complicated. »
Fabien Brassie (Gerant Cigusto Pessac) " A seller who has not experienced the smoking experience will be in trouble. "
Christophe Carvounas (The OLF Vapelier) " From the moment the customer understands, he can ask questions to his supplier »
Sébastien Packer (Manager Colissimo La Poste) " With 80 000 factors, for the vape we can count 1 package delivered both factors »
Sébastien Packer (Manager Colissimo La Poste) " There are 200 e-commerce sites of vape in France and between 40 000 and 60 000 parcels shipments per day »
Fabien Brassie (Manager Cigusto Pessac): « Curiosity is a common factor in this line of business »
Christophe Carvounas (The OLF Vapelier): « Regarding tobacconists, the important thing is to meet the expectations of consumers. "

The entire conference is available in an episode "Hors-series" of Podvape.

Vape, health and the economy: what stakes for tomorrow ?

After a well-deserved break, the last conference for this "Vape in Progress" started. The opportunity to take stock of the health aspect of the sector vape and talk about what is happening in the UK at this level.

We will remember several interventions :

Sebastien Beziau (Sovape) " Harm reduction is good, the question is how to make it work even better »
Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg (Doctor) " We talk about reducing the risks for cars, about the vapoteur he does not smoke anymore and that's all »
Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg (Doctor) : « If the electronic cigarette was sold in pharmacies, we would stop bothering with that all 15 days »
Sebastien Beziau (Sovape) " When we see such a decline in smoking and the presence of the vape in the country, it is not normal that it is not put forward »
Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg (Doctor) : « 56% of French people who want to quit use e-cigarettes, this is the most popular stop method in France »
Charly Pairaud (Fivape) " Scientific research today does not weigh much. We stopped our progress because of the arrival of regulations. »
Charly Pairaud (Fivape) " Will one day the vape not be used in the field of health to vaporize a simple solution? The vape is not only to fight against smoking »
Gillian Eva GOLDEN (Interim Chief Executive - IBVTA) " Every smoker who stops smoking in the UK saves 72000 pounds sterling »
Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg (Doctor) : « Making a directive vape now is not a good idea, it would be even more severe »

The entire conference is available in an episode "Hors-series" of Podvape.


In order to close our assessment on this very first edition of the open forum « Vape In Progress", We decided to leave the word of the end to Charly Pairaud, organizer and board member of the Fivape.

Charly, have your expectations for the "Vape In Progress" been met? Can we say that the event is a success ?

In part Yes, it's a success for several reasons:

- Professionals of the vape understood that our professional representation must also be based on our economic weight (jobs, turnover, prospects ...). This is leveraged in the ambient speech about the vape and all the protagonists in direct and indirect contact with the electronic cigarette market.
- The service companies and suppliers that accompany this market indirectly were able to better understand the perspectives and understand how was structured this sector whose dynamism to the French has made the difference (Standards, training, good practices, organization, communication, interactions ...)
- The passion of the actors of the vape could be shown and made to be understood
- And then the reception and the setting at INSEEC Bordeaux was a success for everyone (and even the weather)

But unfortunately, too little participation of journalists (absent despite many solicitations, and institutional leaders of economic development who still do not understand the stakes ... In a France that moves, their absence shows the distance between those who innovate and those who hope for innovation ...

Have you had any feedback from the Vape In Progress partners? ?

On the whole they are satisfied by this first and think, like us at the Fivape, that this is the instant T0 (zero) of the economic observatory of the vape. They also want to generate "data" to finally seduce the press and institutions. Indirect actors have hoped to continue these exchanges which help them to build their strategic development.

Can we now consider a new "Vape in Progress" ? If yes, or and when ?

More than ever, we need the T1 moment of VIP with socio-economic data, but also beautiful stories to tell, the dream to share and the desire for growth to imagine together. The question of the independence of the vape was at the heart of these debates, and our liveliness should allow to preserve this advance that we have in France so that this know-how suggests even better prospects for all the employees and entrepreneurs of this sector. . A second edition is under study but the place and the date are not defined at the moment ... This will certainly be announced at the next Vapexpo.

To learn more about the open forum Vape In Progress go to the official website.

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