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OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview with Jean-Marc Canillas (IVAP)

OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview with Jean-Marc Canillas (IVAP)

If the world of the vape is often presented on technical, scientific or commercial aspects one would almost forget that behind each project hides men and women. In order to highlight all these talents that make the vape what it is today, our editorial team decided to make you discover these people through interviews.

Today we are going to meet Jean-Mars Canillas, Director of the shops « Ivap ". To find out more go to the official websitel.


Hello, to begin this interview, we invite you to present yourself by drawing your own portrait. You are ready ? Well, let's go!

Where do you live ? Where are you from?
I live and I come from Fos sur Mer in the south of France at 40km from Marseille.

What is your personal situation? Married? Children?
I am divorced with a little boy of 12 years old and share my life now since 1 year.

Your main quality? and default?
Difficult question knowing that I am generally quite humble ... Therefore modesty! I also think I am a perfectionist, self-taught person. Regarding the defects, I am impatient and demanding.

Have you got pets ?
I own, finally my friend owns, a small dog from a cross between a Jack Russel and a Chihuahua.

Your dress style?
My style depends on my moods I can very well have a period Jean, T-shirt, Basketball and spend months wearing arched shirts.

Putting the vape aside, do you have any passions?
The idleness, wine and series ...

Your favorite musician, singer or band?
I love change and have no idols! I listen to Pop Jazz Funk and am not a big fan of Rap apart from IAM of course.

What is your favorite movie ?
These days I'm more like Marvel, but I have nothing against a good Seven or a Lord of the Rings.

What is your personal vision of a "good evening"?
A good glass of wine in the sofa in front of a good movie!


Obviously, one can not speak of a vape actor without asking him some personal questions on the subject.

Are you even a vaper? If so, what is your set-up? Your favorite e-liquid?
I vape for almost 8 years. I stopped smoking with the vape in October 2009 and since then I have not touched a single cigarette! I have seen and "vapé" on all models since the arrival of the vape in France. Currently I vape on a Jack Vapor DNA 75 with a Tilemahos Armed and on a Pipeline Pro 3 with a Taifun GT3.L'hiver I turn most often on gourmands not too charged type The slander of 7 Deadly sins. Currently, with these high temperatures, I take Halcyon Haze 12mg's Gins Addiction in tight draw to avoid 10ml / day!

In a very personal way, what does the vape mean to you?
For me, the vape without its excesses, represents the most effective solution to get out of tobacco, it is probably one of the best inventions of these last years. On the other hand the excessive vape of 30ml / day to 100 watts worries me more and more ... This vape there and the race to the power risk one day to return us all in the teeth ...

How and why are you interested in this phenomenon?
Like probably the vast majority of vapers, I was interested in the vape to win the cigarette and my 10 years of smoking. I bought my first ecigarette (a 510 joyetech) in 2009 on the site of a confers. At the first whiff I realized that I could stop smoking. 6 months later I created IVAP, believing that vape was the most effective way to get out of tobacco.


To finish this interview, let's move on to some crazy questions or the imagination of our guest will be able to express himself.

Tomorrow, a genius offers you 3 vows, what would you do with ?
To protect my loved ones from need, to have the power to travel in time, to obtain immortality. With my last wishes 2, the other wishes that I have in mind should be easily achievable ...

If you could live one or more great moments in history, which ones would it be?
The first step on the moon

We offer you powers! Which superheroes would you like to be?
Superman probably to be able to fly!

The essays of and thank Jean-Mars Canillas to have taken the time to answer this interview. We will meet again very soon to discover together another major player of the vape.

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