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OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview with Olivier Sarfati (J-Well)

OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview with Olivier Sarfati (J-Well)

If the world of the vape is often presented on technical, scientific or commercial aspects one would almost forget that behind each project hides men and women. In order to highlight all these talents that make the vape what it is today, our editorial team decided to make you discover these people through interviews.

Today we are going to meetOlivier Sarfati, Leader of the company "J-Well" France. To find out more, go to Official website.


Hello, to begin this interview, we invite you to present yourself by drawing your own portrait. You are ready ? Well, let's go!

Where do you live ? Where are you from?
Hello, I am Olivier Sarfati I live in Paris and was born in Paris too

What is your personal situation? Married? Children?
I am married and I have 3 kids.

Your main quality? and default?
My quality and my main fault: I am a perfectionist so very boring.

Have you got pets ?
I have fish in my office and also at home

Your dress style?
Teeshirt jeans basketball cap

Putting the vape aside, do you have any passions?
Fishing: I fish at least once a month with my children.

Your favorite musician, singer or band?
I love Celine Dion, Calogero and Tiesto

What is your favorite movie ?
The devil's partner

What is your personal vision of a "good evening"?
Upon awakening good memories.


Obviously, one can not speak of a vape actor without asking him some personal questions on the subject.

Are you even a vaper? If so, what is your set-up? Your favorite e-liquid?
Yes, I vape on the bo with mint but also on the strada with poundcake

In a very personal way, what does the vape mean to you?
The vape is in my opinion the future of the cigarette, within a two generations the classic cigarette will no longer exist. A bit like K7 on DVD and DVD on digital

How and why are you interested in this phenomenon?
I entered the vape by chance today I'm very attached because being a new job, there are no limits to innovation and we like it a lot to me and my teams


To finish this interview, let's move on to some crazy questions or the imagination of our guest will be able to express himself.

Tomorrow, a genius offers you 3 vows, what would you do with ?

- Peace in the world
- A roof for all
- Happiness everywhere

If you could live one or more great moments in history, which ones would it be?
9 November 1989: destruction of the Berlin Wall

We offer you powers! Which superheroes would you like to be?
Iron man: this guy is magic

The essays of and thank Olivier Sarfati to have taken the time to answer this interview. We will meet again very soon to discover together another major player of the vape.

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