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OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Elodie and Angy Negroni (Mr & Mrs Vape)
OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Elodie and Angy Negroni (Mr & Mrs Vape)

OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Elodie and Angy Negroni (Mr & Mrs Vape)

If the world of the vape is often presented on technical, scientific or commercial aspects one would almost forget that behind each project hides men and women. In order to highlight all these talents that make the vape what it is today, our editorial team decided to make you discover these people through interviews.

Today we are going to meetElodie Denis-Negroni and Angy Negroni, Responsible for the brand « Mr & Mrs Vape". To find out more, visit the Official website.


Hello, to begin this interview, we invite you to present yourself by drawing your own portrait. You are ready ? Well, let's go!

- Where do you live ? Where are you from?
We live in FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES (92 south). Elodie is from the region having been born in Meudon. I joined him out of love 9 years ago after living 25 years in COMBS-LA-VILLE (77) and I was born in BASTIA (Haute-Corse)

- What is your personal situation? Married? Children?
We joined a PACS after 3 weeks of living together! Married since last summer. We are the parents of Luna who will be 6 years old in September.

- Your main quality? and default?
Elodie is generous and stubborn. I am (too) nice and (too) hardworking, (too) often in the next moment ...

- Have you got pets ?
We have 3 dogs: 1 French bulldog, 1 griffon mongrel, 1 poodle / jack Russel mix.

- Your dress style?
Elodie has a “classy / relaxed” style. I am more of a "trendy / relaxed" style

- Putting the vape aside, do you have any passions?
Travel and gastronomy, spend time with our daughter.

- Your favorite musician, singer or band?
Elodie likes R'N'B in general. I am very eclectic musically, while being a fan of Eminem!

- What is your favorite movie ?
Save the last dance for Elodie. Into the wild, Snatch and Fight club for me.

- What is your personal vision of a "good night"?
A romantic aperitif-dinner at home or a good restaurant by the water, accompanied by a good bottle of wine.


Obviously, one can not speak of a vape actor without asking him some personal questions on the subject.

- Are you even a vaper? If so, what is your set-up? Your favorite e-liquid?
Elodie vape RY4 made by herself in 3mg on an Asmodus Minikin 2 box and an Eleaf Ijust S. As well as a Penguin from time to time with Pinky Berry (Blackcurrant, kiwi, pomegranate). To be honest, she doesn't care much about the hardware, as long as it works well and has some autonomy.

I vape 2 liquids, the money by Illuminati vapor (creamy strawberry cake) by mixing 0mg with 3mg and our Real vanilla (custard, crème brûlée) in 0 or 3mg on a Hexohm V2 with a Merlin mini or the Serpent SMM .

- In a very personal way, what does the vape mean to you?
A revelation, a revolution! The vape entered our life by chance, now it makes us live while accompanying us every day of the year.

It changes the lives of millions of smokers and creates multitudes of new jobs in all sectors and this all over the world despite restrictions and tightening laws ...

- How and why are you interested in this phenomenon ?
Our best friend came home one evening for a drink after buying a double Ego-T pack from Clopi… te. We tried it out of curiosity, it was a blackberry liquid in 12mg and almost instantly the fact of smoking a cigarette became disgusting, it was the beginning of the end for the cigarettes, but we did not imagine a single one. second the adventure that we were going to live, and this is only the beginning ...

We were at a package a day since 5 years ago.


To finish this interview, let's move on to some crazy questions or the imagination of our guest will be able to express himself.

- Tomorrow, a genius offers you 3 vows, what would you do with ?
- To regain good health (Elodie has a genetic disease and I have a prosthesis on my right knee following a tumor at the age of 15)
- We expatriate and own a pretty house by the sea.
- May ALL men and women be equal in this world! No more inequality ...

- If you could experience one or more great moments in history, what would it be?
May 68, try to restore power to the people and stop the oligarchy.

- We offer you powers! Which superheroes would you like to be?

The essays of and thank Elodie Denis-Negroni and Angy Negroni for taking the time to answer this interview. We will meet again very soon to discover together another major player in the vape.

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