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OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Vincent Houillon (THE VAPELIER)

OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Vincent Houillon (THE VAPELIER)

If the world of the vape is often presented on technical, scientific or commercial aspects one would almost forget that behind each project lies men and women. In order to highlight all these talents that make the vape what it is today, our editorial team decided to make you discover these people through interviews. Here is an "off-the-shelf" interview of a member of our team.

Today we are going to meet Vincent Houillon (aka "Vincemvaper"), Co-founder and partner of Vapelier. To find out more, go to Official website.


Hello, to begin this interview, we invite you to present yourself by drawing your own portrait. You are ready ? Well, let's go!

Where do you live ? Where are you from?
Beauvais (oise), originally from Lorraine

What is your personal situation? Married? Children?
In couple since 16 years 1 children of 10 years

Your main quality? and default?
I'm not sure if I have any quality, who am I to define it? if I had to say anything ....... go go for diplomat.
In terms of defects the list is too long, but we will say that the most embarrassing is my lack of order and organization.

Have you got pets ?
Yes, a chihuahua, Thabata who shares the life of the family since 15 years.

Your dress style?
So we say jean basket, polo or tee-shirt or shirt but we will not really talk about style just a thing when I like a fringe is often for years to the damnation of my wife.

Putting the vape aside, do you have any passions?
Cinema, music, youtube videos of all kinds, video games .. In short, a real retarded teenager.

Your favorite musician, singer or band?
Hard, hard, but I will still say Jeff Buckley

What is your favorite movie ?
When Harry meets Sally "cult for me with a plus side Madeleine Proust. In the second trilogy of "Back to the future", I will never tire of it.

What is your personal vision of a "good evening"?
Friends, a good table, good things to drink.


Obviously, one can not speak of a vape actor without asking him some personal questions on the subject.

Are you even a vaper? If so, what is your set-up? Your favorite e-liquid?
Vapoteur since 4 years, my box all day: a DX Dna75 from Hot-cig, often associated with the mini snake, and for the evening I often have my Invader tesla associated with a good air dripper.
At the level of E-liquid it's super hard so I've steamed different. In general, I'm a fan of custard, gourmet tobacco or simply gourmet, but I also like more fruity things and fresh e-liquids for the summer. But I will quote one for the principle and I will say the number 2 of the workshop clouds and the White Rabbit from Alice In Vapeland.

In a very personal way, what does the vape mean to you?
First point, the vape is above all what allowed me to break definitively with the cig. It then became a pleasure, a passion and became a second family with the Vapelier adventure.

How and why are you interested in this phenomenon?
Chance! After an unsuccessful attempt with a cigalike Ed SIlver, I rediscovered the e-cigarette thanks to my sister who came back one day with an ego and a stardust (CE4). There it was the revelation, I quickly left the tobacco and discovered that there was something other than this basic set-up. Caught in the gear!


To finish this interview, let's move on to some crazy questions or the imagination of our guest will be able to express himself.

Tomorrow, a genius offers you 3 vows, what would you do with ?
A greeting from Miss France: Peace on earth and the end of misery
An egoistic wish: to win at Euromillion and retire and of course spoil family and friends.
A vow of demon: immortality, cross the ages, witness the story.

If you could live one or more great moments in history, which ones would it be?
Antiquity is a period that would tempt me well, I always imagined that this period would probably be the easiest for a man of our time.

We offer you powers! Which superheroes would you like to be?
Wolverine, immortal, never sick, instant healing, the guy I like well because he is both able to serve the community by joining a team but at the same time it keeps its independence. Otherwise Iron Man I love his car collection.

We will meet again very soon to discover together another issue "Hors série" of "The vape and Ohms".

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