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VAPEXPO: Debrief of the 2019 edition of the international e-cigarette show in Paris Nord Villepinte.

VAPEXPO: Debrief of the 2019 edition of the international e-cigarette show in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Despite harmful news on the e-cigarette, the annual edition of Vapexpo in Paris went off without a hitch! Indeed, the 2019 vintage of the famous international e-cigarette show has just ended after three days of fun and meetings of all kinds. obviously, the editorial staff of was on hand to cover the event and present it to you from the inside. It is therefore with great pleasure that we offer you a great debriefing on this 2019 edition of Vapexpo, which once again took place in Paris-Nord Villepinte. How was the organization ? Was there a big attendance? ? What was the atmosphere of this show ?


In the continuity of the 10th edition, the Vapexpo team decided to bet on the gigantic halls of Paris-Nord Villepinte! Practical and spacious, the place is obviously ideal to host a large-scale event. Well ventilated, the Villepinte Exhibition Center is perfectly adapted to a salon dedicated to vaping, it allows thousands of vapers to be able to enjoy the festivities without being attacked by the waves of steam and the heat that we could know at the Grande Halle of Paris. La Villette.

Close to the Bourget airport and Roissy Charles de Gaulle, this choice was convenient for visitors arriving by plane, it was much less for all those who had opted for the train. If the Parc des Expositions Villepinte is well served by public transport (RER B, Bus), the trip from the capital is not short. To stay next to the Vapexpo, the simplest option was to settle in the hotel zone of the airport located a few kilometers away (a disadvantage because these hotels are very frequented by travelers arriving or departing by plane) .

The main defect of this localization remains its distance with the center of the capital. Complicated indeed for visitors to enjoy Parisian nights and many French monuments. It's a debate and everyone will have their opinion! For our part we prefer the intimate side of the Grande Hall de la Villette with its mythical side, yet we understand that beyond the concern of visitors, the organizers must meet the needs of professionals, a specification and economic pressure.


If the 2018 edition had a new look with its new location, this vintage 2019 did not really surprise his guests about his organization. As always the first hours have been charged even though as a media we did not really have to suffer this annual annoyance. As in the previous year, it seems to us that the overall expectation was less important than on previous editions proof that the Vapexpo team organized itself accordingly.

As always, after having reached the Villepinte exhibition center and having undergone the classic security check, we were greeted by pleasant hosts and hostesses who checked the tickets. Unsurprisingly, bags containing advertising, small samples, stickers and a guide to the show awaited visitors. It seems that the organizers have in the process changed the method of access to the lounge, unlike in previous years the badge has been scanned once and not at each entry clearly facilitating the input / output.

From year to year, we clearly feel a professionalisation of the sector but also of this Vapexpo show. Well organized, squared and clear, this is clearly the impression that this new edition of Vapexpo has left us. At the entrance, the famous "corner of the new" thanks to which the new entrants of the market could be put forward, in the center a "tray TV" room to accommodate the speakers and the return of the famous structure "Eiffel Tower" design and original. Note the presence of the "modders gallery" at the end of the show. Wide and spacious aisles, many exhibitors, light, animation, what more to ask a trade show dedicated to vaping?

About the conveniences, all the necessary was available on the spot of the cloakroom while passing by the space Lounge or the place of storage for the professionals! This year, the organizers went out of their way to avoid the endless queues about catering. There was an indoor dining area offering both coffee and meals (sushi, sandwiches, hot dogs ..) for the public with tables and chairs. Outside some food trucks were present (French fries, French gastronomy, pancake ...) to treat the taste buds of visitors. Despite a mixed weather, it was possible to take a breath of fresh air on the forecourt of the hall without feeling stuck.


Difficult to analyze the affluence even if it seems that the professional days have brought more visitors than the day "general public". This year, no doubt, the Vapexpo was a real rendezvous between two worlds: Big Vape with the big names in the sector and Big Tobacco with tobacco majors on the spot to present their new e-cigarettes.

For this edition 2019, organizers of Vapexpo have bet on a three-day show with a day "general public" and two days dedicated to professionals including Sunday afternoon open to the "general public". Despite the recent attacks against vaping, the show has once again opened its doors to the general public who has been able to enjoy the novelties, atmosphere, conferences and many innovations.

It's a habit at Vapexpo, you never really know what to expect! For this edition the exhibitors have once again offered beautiful things without necessarily being in excess. Indeed, this year we have not found these huge original stands proposed by some liquidators. Yet some have been able to stand out as the Curious brand with its stand "Unicorn / Baroque" or the stand of fluid mechanics that without real surprise is still as original.

Always more professionalism, it's really what we want to remember from this last edition that takes place in a particular context, a kind of transition year. A salon where visitors were able to make discoveries, buy products, take part in many contests, but also a show where professionals of the vape needed to stand out from this new competition that constitutes the tobacco industry.

And it's obvious! Year after year, tobacco majors are becoming more and more important on the vape market. For this latest edition of Vapexpo, Vype (British American Tobacco), myblu (Fontem Ventures) had decided to storm the show with fairly large stands. Juul, one of the market leaders was also present on the show with a clean and bright stand.

Although the first day was reserved for the general public, the atmosphere seemed less festive than in previous years. It must be said that the "crazy years" of the vape are probably over! Today, there is really no question of doing too much while the mainstream media are very interested in the subject. Yet this day was clearly an opportunity for individuals to share and interact with the professionals present. As on each edition, the show was punctuated by conferences, gift distributions and animations (lightsaber fights, many disguised characters ...)

This year again we believe that the Vapexpo is a show that tends more and more to the B2B. While access to the B2C (general public) is still important, over time the professional side is gaining momentum and the international exhibition of the vape seems to be in line with the ranks of major trade shows organized for other sectors. economic.


Never change a winning team ! If the presence of equipment manufacturers was lacking in the first editions, this is no longer the case for several years. This year, there were certainly manufacturers of e-liquids but also many manufacturers of equipment and wholesalers. The biggest French brands of e-liquids were obviously present (Alfaliquid, VDLV, Flavor Power, Liquid French, Liquidarom, Solana, Unicorn Vape...) as do some foreign market leaders (Twelve Monkeys, Sunny Smokers, Vampire Vape, T-Juice ...). But this time, we also had to rely on manufacturers of materials present in numbers (myblu, Vype, Juul, Innokin, Eleaf, Dotmod, SxMini, Vaporesso, Wismec ...) and the famous gallery of modellers.

Let's also take advantage of the moment to take a big hat trick to french kids of Enovap which launches a limited edition "Full Black". Product improvements have emerged and steam rendering is now more direct. The Vapexpo was also an opportunity to test the new MTL Pods of Enovap.

We can also highlight the presence of the giant " Flavors and Liquids" , of the society " The Little Vapoteur And for the associative side of " The Heart Vape". More surprisingly, certain absences noted such as that of Green Liquids, V'ape or Liquideo. Finally, it is important to note that this edition of the show seems to sound the death knell for the promising industry of e-liquid CBD almost absent from the show.

But what were the good surprises of this Vapexpo?

In general we hold :

  • A more professional and less exuberant salon
  • A well-run organization, an airy and spacious lounge
  • The advent of podmods with products present throughout the show
  • The promotion of e-liquids "Made in France", without additives, without sucralose ...
  • The absence of the CBD, which was at the heart of previous editions
  • The important presence of the tobacco industry at the show

Listed e-liquids we hold :

  • "Curious" e-liquids and the range in collaboration with "Fluid Mechanics"
  • The "Bobble" range, mono-aromas that work wonders
  • E-liquids "tobacco" based on infusion from "Terroir et Vapeur" (still surprising)
  • The new "Guys & Bull" range by French Liquide
  • The "Providence" range of Kapalina with its many custards
  • The e-liquids of the famous stand "Unicorn Vape" always stormed!

Obviously this list is far from exhaustive and what can be said with certainty is that there was for everyone!

Hardware side we hold :

  • The new Enovap Full Black limited edition
  • Koddo Pavinno by Le French Liquide
  • Always crazy mods of Puf Puf Custom modbox
  • The magnificent "Sx Mini" boxs that everyone will have appreciated
  • The new atomizer Zenith presented by Innokin (And by Mr. Busardo)
  • The many podmods offered by the tobacco industry (myblu / Vype / Juul)
  • The very large choice of equipment offered by Chinese manufacturers.




A beautiful edition that has just ended! Everyone will find his account or may criticize this show that reflects a young and changing sector. For our part, Vapexpo is today at the age of maturity by unambiguously presenting a true melting pot of what exists today within the vaping industry. Less crazy, more professional and more serious, this 2019 edition of Vapexpo convinced us in its organization and in its balance between work and relaxation. Professionals, the general public, everyone has been able to enjoy this annual event that celebrates a product that still has a future!

If you want more, go to Las Vegas in the USA the 22 and 23 November 2019 ! For those who prefer to wait, we will end up Acropolis Exhibition Center de Nice the 21,22 and 23 Mars 2020.

To learn more about Vapexpo, visit the official website or on the official facebook page.

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