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VAPEXPO: Debrief of the Parisian salon 2017 of the e-cigarette.
VAPEXPO: Debrief of the Parisian salon 2017 of the e-cigarette.

VAPEXPO: Debrief of the Parisian salon 2017 of the e-cigarette.

This is another edition of Vapexpo that has just ended in Paris after two days of fun and meetings of all kinds. Obviously, the editorial staff of was on hand to cover the event and present it to you from the inside. It is therefore with great pleasure that we offer you a great debriefing on this vintage 2017 Vapexpo Parisien. How was the organization ? Was there a big attendance? ? What was the atmosphere of this show ?


Why change a winning recipe? As every year, this edition of Vapexpo 2017 took place at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. Listed in historical monuments, the room is well placed and spacious, a perfect place for this kind of event. Around, there are parks, hotels, restaurants and places for private parties. The Grande Halle is very accessible, whether by metro or tram, and if you want a little more peace, it is easy to order a taxi or an uber.

The Vapexpo team decided to organize this edition of the show over two days, one open to the general public and the other open to professionals only. Winning choice for the density and comfort of the pros because the exhibitors were able to dismantle their stands on the third day that was usually open.


It is clear that the organizing team of Vapexpo was able to listen to the criticism of the last shows as it was nice! As always, we had to face the hordes of vapers in the queue and arm ourselves with patience but the flow of visitors was well directed and oriented. The excitement of the event was palpable and no one left his good mood.

After waiting to return to the Grande Halle and undergoing the usual security check, we were greeted by welcoming hostesses with bags containing advertising, small samples and a guide to the show. As always, the first hour is rather quiet before the bulk of the crowd and a thick mist make their appearance under the high vault of the place.

Regarding space, there is nothing wrong, everything was organized to the millimeter, with a gallery of modellers who this time was in an open space on a balcony. The exhibitors seemed to be won over by both the organization and the Vapexpo teams. Note that exhibitors had access to a lounge area to rest and a room to store if necessary.

We also noticed that the event was easily accessible to people with reduced mobility, which is really a good point, it is normal that everyone can access the feast of the vape. About amenities, everything needed was available on site! While many exhibitors offered refreshments, the organizers had set up a relaxation area for the public on one of the two balconies as well as a huge outdoor dining area with food trucks and wooden tables to enjoy the clemency the temperature in the restaurant ... As in previous editions, it was even possible to get a haircut or a beard in a dedicated stand.


For this edition 2017, the organizers of Vapexpo have bet on a salon over two days and as much to say that the public has been at the rendezvous. Despite the European Tobacco Directive, the show opened to the general public and this was clearly felt on the first day with a compact crowd and obviously happy to walk the aisles to look at the new e-liquids or the material. From the opening to the closing of the show, it has been crowded with many stands almost inaccessible as the success was at the rendezvous.

Arriving at a Vapexpo, you never really know what to expect and force is to see that once again the exhibitors have made strong! Dinner Lady, Vincent in the Vapes, Flavor Power, Alfaliquid, Flavor Hit, Vampire Vape, Twelve Monkeys offered impressive stands both in terms of size and level of graphic universe. Some others have attracted attention such as "The mechanics of fluids" and his style "old mechanic", The Lemonade House and its small refreshments or Bordo2 with its stand in the form of potion.

As in any living room, there are funny quirks, it was also possible to cross Bumblebee (Transformers robot) or the mascot of Vampire Vape in the alleys of the Vapexpo. Side animation, the visitors of the show were pampered! Between the various conferences and gifts (e-liquids, caps, t-shirts, stuffed toys), it was really difficult to leave disappointed!

The first day being open to the general public, the atmosphere was pretty crazy and all the vapers were able to meet on this annual event in a cloud of ambient steam. The exhibitors seemed happy to show their novelties and have the new e-liquids tested. This day was also an opportunity for the general public to share and discuss with the professionals present. Stands like the LFEL even offered awareness (and we enjoyed seeing this kind of animation). We were able to meet many reviewers and personalities of the vape (Todd, Phil Busardo, Genfelip ...) present for the occasion. This first day was also an opportunity for professionals to test their notoriety, some stands like Dotmod have been totally besieged.

The second day is reserved for professionals, we expect in general a small lull but for this edition it was not the case. The crazy atmosphere of the previous day has given way to a real marketplace where everyone has come to discover the new products not to miss for the end of the year. For our part, we took the time to discuss with the many exhibitors present even if it was necessary to play elbows!


Vapexpo has often been criticized for being an e-liquid show with very little material. Well, for this edition, it was not the case! The biggest French brands of e-liquids were obviously present (Vincent in the vapes, Alfaliquid, Flavor Power, Fuu, Liquideo, Bordo2, the mechanics of the fluids, Roykin, Savourea ...) just like some leaders of the foreign market (Twelve Monkeys , Us Vaping, Vampire Vape, T-Juice ...). But this time, we also had to rely on the manufacturers of materials present in number (Vaporesso, Innokin, Kangertech, Asmodus, Dotmod, Smok, Teslacigs, SxMini ...) and on the famous gallery of modellers who did not empty the forty -eight hours!

But what were the good surprises of this Vapexpo?

Listed e-liquid we hold :

- The French vapic nicotine of VDLV
- The presence of many e-liquids at the CBD
- Nicotine Salt e-liquids with nicotine salt
- The e-liquids of "The Lemonade House"
- The amazing new juices of "Boston Shaker Vape"
- What's new coming from "Flavor Power" ... including a nutty flavor to ... fall! but chuuuuuuuut!

Obviously this list is far from exhaustive and what can be said with certainty is that there was for everyone! Many surprises were at the rendezvous like an American e-liquid cheese for example. Note that some manufacturers like Flavor Power offered visitors to taste their new nuggets before validating them in production!

Hardware side we hold :

- The magnificent "Sx Mini" boxs that everyone will have appreciated
- Hardware from Dotmod
- The new "cigalikes" with "caps" system
- The many mods and atomizers of the gallery of moders
- The first-time kits from Justfog
- The very large choice of equipment offered by Chinese manufacturers.


For this edition that only had two days, it is a beautiful affluence that has been recorded! 9483 entries on both days it's barely less than for the September 2016 edition that had recorded 11 274 entries. This in a way proves that this third day is usually much less interesting for professionals.




In our opinion, this latest edition of Vapexpo is the best since the event exists. The world, many people, proof that the craze was at the rendezvous and does not dry up. For many years, the Vapexpo has been the annual barometer of the vape and this year we can only be happy to see such a success.
Many e-liquids but also a lot of materials, the visitors were clearly conquered by this edition. If you want more, go next month to Barcelona ! For those who prefer to wait, we will end up Lille the 24, 25 and 26 March 2018 at the Grand Palais.

To learn more about Vapexpo, visit the official website or on the official facebook page.

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