VAPEXPO: Back to the Lyon edition of the e-cigarette show.

VAPEXPO: Back to the Lyon edition of the e-cigarette show.

You are obviously aware that a few days ago there was a special edition of Vapexpo in Lyon. The editorial staff of was on hand to cover the event and present it to you from the inside. It is now time to make a big debriefing on this second regional show after Bordeaux. How was the organization ? Was there a big attendance? ? What was the atmosphere of this Lyon show? ? We give you our feeling about what we experienced during these two days of expo.


The organizers of Vapexpo had therefore chosen the city of Lyon to host this last show, but was it a good idea? Ideally placed on the map of France, the city of Lyon is very well served by public transport (train, plane, bus, tram, metro) and it was not difficult for visitors to get there. The congress center where this new edition of the Vapexpo took place was finally quite close to the city center (15 min) while remaining far from the urban overpopulation which allowed some visitors to come in vélib. The convention center being located in the "international city" of Lyon, we found ourselves in a fairly large space including hotels, restaurants, snacks and even a casino.

Small flat nevertheless on the restaurants in the neighborhoods which all showed "complete" for the lunch on the first day, many people thus ended up buying sandwiches in the space "Snack" of the living room. But for the more curious, Lyon is also a cultural city, everyone could take the time to go for a walk to the famous Parc de la tête d'or or to go shopping. Gourmet side, this escapade was also the opportunity to make a good stopper Lyonnais with friends.


In this kind of salon, we are still worried about the queue that can be opening but for this edition there was nothing insurmountable. The writing of and the Arrived at the first hour and we had to wait 10 minutes to enter the lounge. A small regret that we had already noted on previous editions: The lack of a queue reserved for the press.

Once in the convention center, we were greeted by smiling hostesses with bags containing advertising, small samples and a guide to the show. Immediately, we were able to appreciate the presence of a cloakroom allowing to deposit our big jackets and not to succumb to the heat of a misty living room. We will specify that in recovering our business, the hostesses of the cloakroom did not really show themselves pleasant but pass ...

Regarding the place if all amenities were at the rendezvous, we must admit that the toilet was not clean (no hand soap and black towels to wipe). Besides this, the Vapexpo offered a Snack / Bar to eat which was greatly appreciated by visitors. As a visitor, the Vapexpo was well arranged with room to circulate and many booths to visit. Upon entering the lounge, we had direct access to a bright corridor with many doors that as the day opened to let evacuate the abundant steam.

And as in the previous edition, it was possible to get a haircut or a beard in a dedicated booth, why not a mini massage parlor for the next edition? This could offer professionals and exhibitors a moment of relaxation.

For a visitor although less vast than Paris, the Vapexpo Lyon was nice and important, it was possible to circulate without ending crush even during peak hours. Regarding the exhibitors, the experience is more mixed, to have spoken with them some were satisfied and others less criticize including the lack of staff presence or the fact that no bottles of water are offered.


As the director of Vapexpo, Patrick Bédué, so aptly puts it, this show is a unique opportunity for vapers to get together and interact with professionals. And all the plot of this edition lyonnaise was there! Would the atmosphere be the same after the application of the European Tobacco Directive and the latest e-liquid obligations at the beginning of the year? We can definitely say yes! Admittedly, we did not have the excitement that we usually find at Vapexpo in September in Paris but we felt that most of the exhibitors were happy to participate in this regional edition.

And yet, most of them have confided to being tired, worn out by the work provided since the beginning of the year 2017 to meet the new standards but nothing could have prevented them from being at this appointment. Indeed, the Vapexpo is an opportunity for them to proudly show the result of all this work invested.

Steam that gradually sets in the convention center, music (sometimes too strong for some exhibitors), bright and decorated stands, visitors who share their passions, we are at Vapexpo. If this edition was a little less "crazy" than those of Paris, we will still meet people disguised for the occasion, vapers with unusual machines as well as specialists in tricks and power-vaping.

As with each edition, we were able to take advantage of the aesthetics of a good number of the stands of the show even if there were no major novelties, most exhibitors probably preferring to keep some surprises for the September Vapexpo. In the end, we will keep Bordo2's booth still as colorful as Fluid Mechanics with its retro side, the Diners Lady booth with its hostesses dressed as waitresses of the 80 years ... And a stand that particularly attracted the male clientele, that of the Dutch e-liquid brand "Dvtch" with its two hostesses. Some exhibitors like Joshnoa, Dinner Lady and ADNS offered visitors small treats and drinks that were obviously appreciated at certain times of the day.

The first day was open to both professionals and "project carriers", the atmosphere was rather dissipated with a cloud of ambient steam that has gradually installed. The exhibitors seemed happy to show their novelties and have the new e-liquids tested. This day was also that of the vaping gatherings that could be found everywhere in the show to share and exchange with the professionals present. We were able to meet many reviewers and personalities of the vape present for the occasion. Note that this edition is the first or we do not see any distribution of e-liquids and gifts.

The second day was very different and more conducive to work as only professionals were allowed. For our part, we took the time to discuss with the many exhibitors present who all day negotiated and presented their products to professionals visiting the show.


To the dismay of some visitors, the recipe of the salons of the vape does not really change. At the exhibitors, we find about 70% of e-liquids for 30% of material. The biggest French brands of e-liquid were obviously present (Vincent in the vapes, Alfaliquid, Flavor Power, Green Vapes, Fuu ...) as some foreign market leaders (Twelve Monkeys, Baril Oil ...). Hardware side, if it was not crazy we could appreciate the presence of Asmodus, Vaporesso, Vgod or some modeurs who had a dedicated stand.

But what were the good surprises of this Vapexpo?

Listed e-liquid we hold :

- The new e-liquids from Titanide whose " Diamond Strawberry » which is a real donut with strawberry jam.
- The new kid from home Fuu, The " Vape Trix Which is a cereal gruel with blue berries and mead
- The new gluttony of The cloud workshop, a calisson e-liquid that thrills the taste buds.
- The new kid from home Ambrosia Paris, " The beautiful plum »
- The Resuscator III du French liquid which will not fail to surprise you.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive and many other creations were surprising as the famous "Space Cake" from "Dvtch". Note that some manufacturers like Flavor Power offered visitors to taste their new nuggets in test and then to note them, a very good idea to renew!

Hardware side we hold :

- The cigalike « My Von Earl Which really amazes us and will be heard in a short time!
- The many "High-end" mods and atomizers offered by the "Phileas Cloud" stand
- The boxes from Asmodus
- The beautiful mods and boxes of Titanide


If the official figures have not yet been communicated, we know that 1870 visitors presented themselves at Vapexpo Lyon on the first day 3080 visitors does it seem to you in total? A result that confirms in part what we have seen on the spot, that is to say that the fair hosted the world but much less than the previous edition on Paris (11 274 in September 2016) but more than the last edition of Innovaping Days (2463 in March 2016 for Innovaping Days).

While overall the exhibitors seemed satisfied with this edition, some told us that they did not know if they would do the experiment again. To see if the Vapexpo effect will continue to prosper over time despite the many obstacles as well as the application of the EU directive on tobacco.


At the Vapexpo Lyon, the team was accompanied by an amateur photographer (FH Photography) who took care of covering the event. All photos belonging to Vapelier OLFplease do not use them without permission.


In our opinion, this Lyonnaise edition of Vapexpo was a success. We were able to enjoy a real show of the vape where the air remained breathable during the two days. If fewer exhibitors were present compared to a September Vapexpo, there were many things to see and lots of e-liquids to taste. Many visitors who did not know Vapexpo were also able to discover this show thanks to this location in Lyon. A priori, we will meet again in September for a new edition and may be next year for a regional edition. Strasbourg, Marseille, Lille, Rennes? What will be the next step of Vapexpo?

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