Start the electronic cigarette well!

Start the electronic cigarette well!

Today, a big battle is approaching, while the tobacco market is gradually receding, here we are talking about e-cigarettes everywhere. But what is this new object that everyone is talking about and that helps in most cases to stop smoking?

In this article, the main topic will be to finally find the e-cig that suits you best, since it is difficult to make your choice in this world so vast where scams and lies are at the rendezvous for the less scrupulous.

Already pay attention to the presentation of the material, your salesman will undoubtedly advise you a basic kit Ego, generally sold with 2 batteries in 650 Mah (read milliampère hour) 2 clearomiseur CE4 (part tank) the charger and the small cover which goes well.

But here this material has its limits, the battery in question will give only an average voltage of 3,3 Volts, the sensation of smoking will be at the rendezvous but after a few days / weeks of use you may not have enough.

So finally what material to choose from a good foundation from the beginning with material that will last on time, with a good flavor / steam?

Simply by going to a variable battery, see here, the possibility to switch from 3.3 V to 4.8 V which will give you a better efficiency of vaporization of your liquid.Spinner2

A removable clearomiser, with a "tank" Pyrex, it will not keep the smell of your aromas and will be completely cleanable which hygienically is a big plus.1234_0_Aero_V2

We know that on average the life of a resistance will go between 15 days and 3 weeks, do not panic with this type of tank you will not lose your liquid and can change the resistance quickly and easily.

Now that we've talked about the type of material, let's take a look at the beginner's kit list that you'll need to ask at your favorite shop.

  1. Vision Spinner II battery (1650 mah, variable voltage, and solid)
  2. A clearomiser like Aerotank, Genitank, or even Protank (The first two have an air adjustment to optimize your print)
  3. An Ego charger
  4. Your favorite liquid after having tested a dozen.

So here for about 50 € (approximate price in store) you can start the adventure in the vape with good material and excellent rendering of flavors / vapors.

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