STUDY: Why are vapers and smokers more sensitive to Covid-19?

STUDY: Why are vapers and smokers more sensitive to Covid-19?

Recent research from theURMC (University of Rochester Medical Center) show why smokers and vapers are more sensitive to COVID-19. An enzyme called ACE2 found in smokers and vapers is responsible for the particular sensitivity to the coronavirus.


Research at University of Rochester Medical Center today provide evidence that explains why Covid-19 (coronavirus) is worse for people who smoke and vape than for the rest of the population.

Irfan rahman, who runs a laboratory at URMC and studies the effects of tobacco products on the lungs, said that people who smoke and vape often have high levels of receptors for an enzyme called ACE2.

» These receptors also allow the new coronavirus to enter lung cells. More receptors mean more viral load, which means more serious infections Said Rahman. " It's pretty bad actually " , he said.

Irfan Rahman said initial evidence of new coronavirus infections showed that smokers were particularly at risk for COVID-19, but the mechanism behind the vulnerability was unclear.

Now, according to him and other researchers, a growing body of evidence shows that nicotine inhalation increases receptivity from the lungs to the virus and the lethality of the disease.

« Smokers are more likely to be admitted to intensive care units and are more likely to die From COVID-19, said Jason sheltzer, scientist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from Long Island, who also studied the role of ACE2 in the progression of the disease. .

Jason Sheltzer said the results of his research were in line with Irfan Rahman's conclusions.

» The fact that we both made similar observations about smoking and ACE2 gives us confidence in the underlying accuracy of our observations " , did he declare. However, the World Health Organization says the evidence linking nicotine use to COVID-19 mortality is inconclusive.

Irfan Rahman said that while his results indicate that smoking or vaping nicotine has a particularly strong correlation with elevated ACE2 receptors, that does not mean that inhaling other products is safe.

« These products will damage the lungs because they contain chemicals, and the lung is not intended for chemicals. it is intended to receiver, "said Rahman.

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